How To Get The Most Out Of Your Eyelashes

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Eyelashes

Whether you have short lashes or want to add volume, lash extensions are a great way to draw attention to your beautiful eyes – without mascara.

But here’s the thing: they are an investment. Grafting lashes takes time and can cost up to $300, depending on where you get it done, the shape of your eyes and the length of your lashes.

So, after all, you’re going to want to take good care of them.

Why is aftercare important?
Like any good investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance. If you’re serious about aftercare, it can:

  • keep eyelashes clean
  • Prevent eye infections
  • make them look prettier
  • Save money as you don’t need to maintain or replace them as often

What Does Eyelash Extension Post-Operative Care Include?
There are a few things you should do to keep your lashes extended.

Do Not Get Them Wet For 48 Hours After Application
Avoid showering, washing your eyes, or getting your lashes wet for the first 48 hours after use.

Water can affect the glue, causing the adhesive to become brittle and break easily.

After That, Wash Them Regularly
After the first 48 hours, if you don’t wash the graft, residue will start to build up around the lash line. This can lead to eye infections and other eye problems.

Instead, you need to clean your lashes every 3 days or so. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Brush them with a soft brush.
  • Wash them with a special eyelash extension cleanser or distilled water.
  • Let the shower water run down your face and eyes.

Brush Them Too
Every morning, you’ll want to brush the tips of your lashes to keep them looking good.

It’s best to use a clean, dry roller (the kind of brush you use to apply mascara) and support your lashes with clean fingers while brushing.

Use Products With Caution
You should not use any oil-based products near your lash extensions. So check your products — especially eye creams and makeup removers — before using them.

Be Careful With Makeup
You’ll also want to skip mascara, even those that bill themselves as “extension-safe.” Waterproof makeup, such as waterproof mascara, can soften the glue on your lashes.

If you use eyeliner, choose a water-based, non-water-resistant one—and be gentle when removing makeup at night.

Rubbing your eyes is bad for your extension. It can damage them and your real lashes.

Powdered eyeshadow may also be a bad idea, as the powder can get stuck in the glue and build up over time.

What Not To Do
don’t pick them up
Your extension will feel weird at first, but after a few days, you should feel more comfortable.

But no matter how odd they feel, don’t nitpick them or try to remove them yourself. All you have to do is tear or break your real lashes.

Sleeping on your stomach or side
If you sleep on your tummy or on your side, you may squeeze your lashes so they last less.

They will last longer if you switch to lying on your back.

Avoid Clumping Eyelashes
Cluster lashes are three strands of hair glued together to give your lashes a thicker look, but they’re also heavier — meaning they pull on your natural lashes. Over time, this can damage your natural lashes.

Don’T Use Eyelash Curlers
They can damage your extensions or pull them out.

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