Halloween Makeup – Tips and Tricks

Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun with the preparation and than the thrill of seeing others react to your image. Blood is often a requirement for that particular look that you are trying to achieve, so we have a ghoulish recipe for that. Face paint is inexpensive when you make it yourself and it is much safer than a mask which can obscure vision especially for children. Here are some great tips and tricks to complete your Halloween blink eye lashes !

blink eye lashes
blink eye lashes

Homemade Blood:
3 parts clear corn syrup
1 part water
corn starch or chocolate syrup for thickening
Red and Blue food coloring
*squirt of liquid soap

Combine corn syrup and water, add red food coloring and mix. Add a small amount of blue food coloring and mix well to achieve a realistic blood color. Add the corn starch or chocolate syrup in small amounts to achieve the desired consistency. You may need to strain if corn starch is lumpy..use fork to press in. If using the chocolate syrup, the “blood” will be a red brown color (realistic old blood). Refrigerate until ready to use and use within 2-3 days of making. NOTE: a squirt of liquid soap* to the above mixture will help make the blood clean off later as food coloring will stain..skin temporarily and clothes permanently so be careful where placed blink eye lashes.

Simple “Blood” Recipe:
1 Tablespoon of Tomato Sauce
couple drops of red food coloring

Mix together, is edible but will stain!

Another Simple Blood Recipe:
Combine red food color and corn syrup. Drip the blood where you want it but do not let the edge of the blood smear. Let it dry well.

Homemade Face Makeup:
1 tsp corn starch
1/2 tsp water
1/2 tsp cold cream
food coloring (chose colors or mix to obtain desired color)

Stir together starch and cold cream until well blended. Add water and food coloring, stirring well. Apply to face and any area that you want color. Use fingertips to spread onto larger areas. If you wish to just paint smaller areas or make designs on face etc., use a small paint brush. Remove with soap and water. Store leftovers in a air tight container.

Homemade Bruises:
-deep blue eyeshadow powder
-charcoal or smoke grey eyeshadow powder
-shimmery olive green eyeshadow powder

Use a blot of the deep blue eyeshadow, apply with a wet make up brush. Use fingertips to add blots of charcoal gray and blue eyeshadow. Touch up the edges with a shimmery olive green eyeshadow. Smudge the bruise to complete look.

Blood and Gore
Use red food color, corn syrup and chunky peanut butter. Mix well. Place on face keeping it lumpy.

blink eye lashes
blink eye lashes

Chror Old Ancient Look:
Cover the skin in a lighter than normal color using baby powder makeup or white blemish cover stick. Than draw dark lines on your face to look like wrinkles. Slightly blend them into the surrounding area with your fingertips. Than add baby powder or even flour to give the skin that old, dry flaky look. Baby powder in your hair will give that gray look.

Vampire Look:
Cover face in white powder makeup or white blemish cover stick. Outline sharp eyebrows and then fill in with black/dark makeup such as charcoal eyeshadow. Draw lines on the face with reddish pencil and slightly smudge lines. Do the same on hands following view lines. Remember to keep face very pale, eyes dark and smokey, lips either bright red or very pale…add the touch of fake blood to a corner of the lip.

With corn syrup or false blink eye lashes adhesive, stick on colored puff wheat or peppercorns. Puff wheat can be dusted with a dab of water paint, black or brown eye makeup. Trim the puff wheat to desired size.

Facial Hair:
Use the hair from a old stuffed toy, hairbrush or even a combed pet! Attach with double sticky tape or false blink eye lashes adhesive.

Remember that it takes a bit of practice so if not happy with the first look, just wash off and start again.
Know that once you got it on, you need to get it off. Wash in warm water, add moisturize soap and gently rub. You may need to repeat several times if using food coloring. Moisturize well after washing.

Ghoulish Effects:
Dust made-up face with flour or baby powder (unscented).

To get great ideas of various styles and looks as well how to apply makeup, visit some of the various Halloween Costumes sites displayed to see how they have perfected the overall appearance with makeup and accessories on these models. There are some great ideas of makeup usage particularly with costumes that have no masks such as Vampires and Witches You will get great ideas here to enhance your own Halloween Costume look for the most important party of the year.


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