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These days, eyelash extensions have become popular. Many ladies want extensions to improve their appearance. At the same time, they are also often confused by Eyelashes Extensions, so some tips for Eyelashes Extensions are needed. Chror Lash Co., Ltd. specializes in false eyelashes business and has invested in 2 false eyelash factories to produce eyelash extensions and peeling eyelashes. Here, we’ve put together some Eyelashes Extensions tips for the pros to help you take care of your lash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions

Here are five eyelash extension tips
1. How long does the eyelash growth liquid last?

This is a question that everyone who does eyelashes asks. Although eyelashes are always that short, they can grow and fall out at the same time. Also, the effect of eyelashes wears off over time, so we recommend clients to visit the salon about 4-6 weeks after application to remove them.

Eyelash Extensions

2. How to remove eyelash growth liquid?

You can go to a salon. They will wash off your false lashes with a special lotion, then apply some olive oil and lash extension fluid to encourage your natural lashes to grow.

Eyelash Extensions

3. Can I touch water after eyelash extensions?

Do not touch the water at the root of the eyelashes for 24 hours. Also, avoid contact with hot water and steam. When you wash your face in the morning and evening, don’t splash water on your face. As usual, avoid eye washing and try not to touch or get water on your lashes while towel-drying. Eyelash extensions will reduce adhesion after contact with oil-based makeup, so try to avoid them. After grafting eyelashes, if it is inconvenient or unskilled to remove makeup, it is best to remove eye makeup with a cotton swab containing makeup remover.

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