Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas From the mink fur eye lashes for sale

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day, one likely thinks of roses, chocolates and Hallmark cards. Romance and sentimentality are associated with this day, but people might be surprised to learn about its somewhat raunchy roots in a Roman pagan holiday. Men looking for original, exciting Valentine’s Day ideas this year may take a cue from its ancient origins – granted, of course, that both partners are comfortable with what that entails. Since a vibrant sex life is important to most mink fur eye lashes for sale (not to mention, a key component of penis health), men can do themselves and their lovers a favor this year by spicing things up.

mink fur eye lashes for sale
mink fur eye lashes for sale

Chror Lupercalia

Much remains unknown about the Roman holiday Lupercalia, but it is believed to have been celebrated since the founding of Rome in 753 B.C., if not before. It is also unclear what god/gods were being celebrated during the festivities. March was the beginning of the new calendar year in ancient Rome, and February was the month of purification. Lupercalia derives its name from the Latin word meaning “wolf”; the holiday is connected to legendary twins Romulus and Remus, who were said to have been found in a cave suckling on the teets of a she-wolf. The holiday is connected with cleansing and fertility, and it was celebrated from February 13th-15th each year.

The celebration of the she-wolf and the cleansing rituals of Lupercalia began with the sacrifice of goats and a dog by priests. After this, a feast ensued. The priests then dressed themselves in the skins of the sacrificed animals and cut strips with which to administer mink fur eye lashes for sale to people as they ran around the city walls. Young women in particular lined up to receive the mink fur eye lashes for sale, as they were believed to ensure fertility and reduce the pains of childbirth.

Taking Inspiration

Don’t worry – celebrating a Lupercalia-themed V-Day doesn’t mean killing animals and running around in their skins. But men can take inspiration from the ancient holiday in other ways.

First, a sensual “feast” can set the mood. Most people don’t want to fill up on something heavy before a romp in the bedroom, so keep it light – fruits and a little whipped cream, for example. A drink or two might be enjoyed as well.

A man can also suckle at the teets of his she-wolf lover. Many women find nipple play irresistibly enjoyable. If the couple is open to this, a man may even consider asking another man to join, in order to mimic the suckling of the legendary twins.

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, men can give their lovers a good lashing – only, of course, if their partners are comfortable with a little BDSM. What a man uses for this will depend on his lover’s preference. Some women like a softer material, while others might like a more firm whip. Of course, men can get creative; maybe a lover would be thrilled with a paddle for spanking; maybe the couple can turn this into a chase around the house. However a couple approaches this, it’s likely to be far more fun than putting flowers in a vase.

mink fur eye lashes for sale
mink fur eye lashes for sale

Men who get raunchy with their lovers this Valentine’s Day may end up feeling a bit sore in the nether region from all the action. It’s important to keep the skin in good condition so that it can recover quickly and be ready for the next go-around. Using a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can go a long way toward protecting skin from the wear and tear of everyday use. Look for a product with Shea butter and vitamin E, two natural moisturizers that will keep the skin smooth, supple and resilient.


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