5 Secret Ways to Write the Perfect Love Poem Every Time

Everyone is capable of writing a jaw-droppingly beautiful poem, so why do most shy away from writing love poems to those special people in their lives? They don’t know the tricks that the masters use to get emotion private label mink lashes works every time.

First you need to separate yourself from outside distraction and focus on writing. This may be achieved by turning on some beautiful music or by relocating: going to a park or other quiet area.

You must be able to feel every word and how it relates and sounds with the other words. So it is not a bad practice to read the poem or recite it as you are writing it private label mink lashes .

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private label mink lashes

Chror  As far as feeling every word: you should have already determined a general theme of the poem before you write (lost love, new love, pain in love, etc.). After you have identified that feeling there are a few steps you can take to draw the poetry out.

1) Read a similar poem by a master poet. (They are a master if they are able to create a reaction or feeling when you read it.) Then write your poem based on the same poetic conventions (techniques or form).

2) Watch a moving video with a similar theme to the poem that you plan to write about. Then after the feeling evoked by the video is still fresh in your memory. Write your poem.

3) Listen to a love song with a similar theme to the poem that you plan to write about. Picture yourself in the song writer’s place. Really connect with the feeling. You can keep the song on repeat after you have listened to it while you write your poem.

4) Choose a random title or theme that has nothing to do with love and somehow connect the two in the poem private label mink lashes .

Mustard (title)
Her eyelashes were mustard the day we met
the smell of her perfume so strong that it made me dizzy
I thought the dizziness was me falling for her

The second time we met she wasn’t wearing perfume,
She smelled like an old locker room
And had the look of a hooker
Black lashes, black liner, black leather
…that was the end of the story with Sue.

Mustard (theme)
At first she seemed ordinary.
She seemed like a hundred other girls I met,
so I didn’t pay her any attention.
But after having her there in our little group for so long
I started to miss her when she got her full time job.
Every time we went out, everyone could feel something was missing.

After a couple of weeks I decided to visit her job.
She lit up like a kid at Christmas,
I chatted about how much fun we were having without her,
She looked down and asked why I’d come.
I said some of the girls were asking for her.
She said she’d see if she could join us on the weekends.

That weekend she came;

private label mink lashes
private label mink lashes

I started talking to her more;
she knew…
(What mustard adds to a dish is the underlying theme.)

5) Begin with an image in your mind of yourself in a situation that evokes the emotion or theme you plan to write about. It can be a real situation or imagined. Pretend that you are talking to the person reading the poem as you write about the experience (This is what good romance novelists do.)


It was dark and cold,
I could still feel his hands all over me,
The wind gushed
Pushing me back to the direction of his apartment private label mink lashes.


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