8mm-15mm Length Regular Individual Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions (12 Lines)


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  • Classic & Volume Lashes: Do you know the difference between classic lash extensions and hand made fans individual volume lash extensions? When the thickness of a single lash is greater than 0.1mm, this eyelash extensions are suitable for classic sets and any hybrid lash sets. When the thickness of a single eyelash is less than 0.1mm, this lash extensions are suitable for making fan with pinching method.
  • Product Features: These are individual lash extensions for classic or volume by hand application. THEY ARE NOT EASY FANS. This lash extension has a separate base and there’s no glue at the lashes’ bottom. They are easy to make fans with the pinching method(0.03/0.05/0.07mm).
  • High Quality: Chror lash extensions use the best Korean PBT-Fiber so that they are super soft, matte dark black and no blue tint. Our eyelash extensions can hold its curl more than one year. Individual volume lash extensions are incredible for advanced lash artists at volume lashing, volume training school, and those intermediate artists and lash beginners who want to make or pick up a fan.
  • No Glue Residue: Chror single lash extensions and volume eyelash extensions have perfect blend of fibers. These eye lashes sit on a specially designed glue strip that allows eyelash extensions to peel off easily and no rest glue residue on the strip. All with foil back so that you can put them on anywhere and with no residue.
  • Guarantee: For advanced technicians only. Do not use on yourself. You can contact us at any time if you have any problem in the process of use. We will reply and help you solve the problem within 24 hours.