Sexy Couple Costumes – Avatar Costumes Top the List for Couples Costumes Too

Avatar costumes for Halloween are all the rage this year. These costumes are at the top of lists that show they are popular in more than a few areas. Avatar costumes are hot and Sexy Couple Costumes are hot. Put them together and you have a steaming Premium mink lashes .

Premium mink lashes
Premium mink lashes

Chror The Avatar movie was a beautiful film on many levels. The stunning colors seemed to bring you right into the world of the Pandorans. The plight of the Na’vi touched our hearts. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was caught up with the idea of feeling at one with nature that was a part of the Na’vi Premium mink lashes .

One of the stunning features of the film was the beauty not only of the planet, but also of the Na’vi people. Their blue skin, long hair and regal bearing were dazzling.

How was that appearance going to be replicated in a costume? The designers of the Avatar costumes have come up with just the right combination and accessories to allow people to spend an evening in the world of the Na’vi. The Jake Sully and Neytiri costumes are perfect for Sexy Couple Costumes. These officially licensed Avatar costumes are dramatic and eye-catching.

The Neytiri costume begins with a blue bodysuit which of course represents the color of the skin of the Na’vi. Blue stripes on the bodysuit imitate the stripes on the skin of the Pandorans. There is an attached tail and a gray loin cloth. There are arm gauntlets just like they had in the movie. Beads are included to be worn on the wrist and hanging from the loin cloth.

But if you really want to look like Neytiri, you will need the Neytiri wig. The distinctive hair style of Neytiri is duplicated with small and large braids. Red beads are woven into braids and the wig comes with an attached feather.

Now here is the piece de la resistance; what really makes these Avatar costumes come to life and raises them into the realm of Pandora. It’s just a simple, inexpensive makeup kit. The officially licensed Avatar make up kit has blue, white and black cream makeup, light blue glitter gel and a set of silver face jewels. You will really have the complete look of the Na’vi people. Just for fun, add some blue tipped Premium mink lashes and off you go to save Jake, the planet and the people.

Of course the lady will be the center of attention with these Sexy Couple Costumes. Just as it should be, don’t you agree? But we do need a Jake to round out our couple.

Premium mink lashes
Premium mink lashes

The Jake Sully Costume has a tan jacket with gathered shoulders and an attached black shirt. The bottom portions of the sleeves are blue striped to represent the blue color of the Na’Vi skin. The tan pants have an attached tail. There is a mask that comes with the costume, but take my advice and don’t use it. Instead use the makeup kit. It looks so much better. Now add the Jake Sully wig, which has one jet black braid, and you are good to go.

You can add various spears and bow and arrows as accessories if you plan on fighting the sky people, but I think the only thing you’ll have to fight is the attention you’ll get in using Avatar costumes as your choice this year for Sexy Couple Premium mink lashes .

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