Tips For Better Lash Extension Retention

Tips For Better Lash Extension Retention  

We are all interested in getting great results with our lash application. From the best glue to how to handle our most challenging clients. We have struggles and victories, and I’m going to share some tips that worked for me, as well as some that I’ve tried for other lash artists. So let’s get started!

1. Let’S Talk Lash Prep

Clean lashes are the best canvas. Teaching your clients how to clean their lashes regularly is an absolute must. I give my client a Glad Lash treatment kit which contains lash wash, cleaning brush, mascara wand and some micro brushes. This guarantees that they will have the right product. I instruct them on how to clean lashes and lids safely. Answer any of their questions before you send them home.

2. Advance Bookings For Your New Clients

By booking in advance, you can resolve any issues early. If clients are having trouble retaining, cleaning, or just educating new lash clients, it’s easier to enroll them in a good program at the beginning of their lash experience. Many times, new clients may worry about getting their lashes wet – they think they might be damaged or fall out. Explain that water is not the enemy.

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3. Makeup And Eyelash Extensions Can Be Friends

As an lash artist, I encourage my lash clients to love makeup, however, the product must be safe. Both eyeshadow and eyeliner are fine as long as they are cleaned properly. Wearers of thick lashes should avoid applying mascara to fans. Lower mascara is perfectly acceptable, especially if it’s designed for lash extensions. If the gel liner is not removed properly, it can get stuck in the lashes and be difficult to remove. Liquid, pencil or cream liners are a great option. So keep an eye out for products specifically for lash extensions, like these from GladGirl, and enjoy your look!

4. Nighttime mascara

Many of us sleep on our faces at night. Pressure on your lashes can cause your lashes to fall out prematurely. Many clients sleep soundly on one side. This side can have more lash loss. Try a new 3D sleeping mask for these clients so they can protect their lashes while they nap. For complete protection, try this Sleeping Mask and Pillowcase Gift Set for your sleeper from Glad Lash. I have seen very good results with those facial sleepers.

5. Holds Inner And Outer Corners Longer

Inside corners are very challenging for most of us. Use the tape technique to stretch the lid to the side to reveal the inner corner lashes to help you get every viable lash. Start at the inner and outer corners so you don’t get tired by the end of the service. The trick to better retention is to keep the inner and outer shorter. Don’t overburden those tiny lashes.

6. Use The Right Glue

What climate do you live in? Which glue is best for your temperature and humidity? Depending on where in the world you are, this can vary greatly. I am my region and we have very dry winters with sub-zero temperatures. In summer we are hot and very humid. So, for me, I use different glues in summer and winter. These are things to consider when your seasons change and your glue isn’t behaving like it used to. Keep the glue fresh! Personally, I change my glue every 4-5 weeks. I hope you all bash like the pros. Let us know your top tips below!


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