What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Classic lashes are the most common type of lash extensions in life for a more traditional and natural lash look. It’s great for creating a simple, earthy look, especially if you don’t want to look flashy. If you want to look more natural, you can choose this lash style.

How classic eyelashes are different
The two most important features that differentiate classic lashes from other techniques are:

#1 Ratio: Classic lash extensions are applied in a 1:1 ratio. This means adding one lash extension to each natural lash, one after the other, to fill in the lash line.

Because it is artificial lashes over natural lashes, the overall look looks natural.

Typically, an eye has 90 to 150 natural lashes[1], which means 80 to 100 lashes can be added. It depends on how thick or thick your natural lashes are and how well you want the extension.

#2 Thickness: The size of the eyelash extensions is what is called thickness here.

Today, the lash extensions used in classic styles come in a variety of sizes, from a minimum of 0.10mm to 0.12mm and a maximum size of 0.15mm.

To put things in perspective, here’s a list of the weights of one lash extension in different thicknesses:

  • 0.07 mm is 0.00006 g
  • 0.10 mm is 0.00010 g
  • 0.12 mm is 0.00013 g
  • 0.15 mm is 0.00015 g
  • 0.18 mm is 0.00025 g
  • 0.20 mm is 0.00030 g

Thicker extensions are also available for those who have naturally thick and thick lashes. Note that with the thickness of the extensions, they also increase in weight.

Why is it so important?

Because your natural lashes can only support a given extra weight. If you exceed this weight, the lashes will not be able to support it.

If the extension cord is too heavy for the natural lashes to which it is applied, the result will not be a straight, natural look. What’s more, natural eyelashes can be damaged and fall out prematurely.

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