What Is Eyelash Thickness & Eyelash Weight?

What Is Eyelash Thickness & Eyelash Weight?

What Is Eyelash Thickness

Eyelash extension thickness refers to the actual diameter or “thickness” of the extension. This is especially important because you don’t want your client’s natural lashes to grow much thicker than their own. This is especially important when choosing lashes for a curling fan. Handcrafted curling fans are usually made with 0.05mm or 0.07mm thick lashes. For those fans of super fluffy and dense, super curl lashes can be as small as 0.02mm. These fans are smaller than regular classic lashes and range in thickness from 0.10mm-0.20mm, with occasional 0.25mm diameters. So why is it so important to understand and use every set you do? Well, eyelash health should be a top priority for you and your clients, as putting a fan that’s too thick on your natural eyelashes will not only damage it by putting too much pressure on it, but it can also be the culprit in premature eyelashes The culprit falls off and has poor retention. The last thing you want is that your client’s lashes may be sparse from damage and have poor hold. Talk about whiplash day nightmares.

Choose The Right Thickness

The rule of thumb is that your lashes should be as close as possible to the diameter of your natural lashes. Alternatively, you can check out the next paragraph for another way to choose the correct diameter. So keep this in mind the next time you use a volume set as you have to use smaller diameter lashes as the number of lashes applied to one natural lash increases.

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What Is Lash Weight?

When you know what diameter your client’s natural lashes can handle when using a classic single lash, but want to quickly and easily convert that to diameter and how many lashes you can use to achieve the same weight of volume and extra volume. Like I mentioned before, putting too much weight on your client’s lashes is a recipe for disaster, but knowing how much weight your client’s lashes can handle is the key to a healthy happy set. I know, it’s confusing, right? Here, let me break it down for you and see how this actually works.

Let’s Break It Down

Let’s say your clients usually go for the classic lash kit, and you’ve determined that 0.15mm is a healthy thickness for natural lashes (remember, a good way to do this is to place the extension under the natural lashes and make sure it doesn’t go all over the sides reaches too far; ideally, you can barely see the extension.) However, today she came for a volume. You start to panic and don’t know what tray to take, but you remember you have this, you’ve read arguably the best lash blog in town (cough, cough), and know exactly how to figure out how much lashes to use . This method is simple once you understand it. You just need to know the weight in milligrams (mg) of your volume/megavolume expansion.

Eyelash Weight Conversion Formula

For example: 0.15mm thick classic eyelashes weigh 0.17mg. We also know that an eyelash with a volume of 0.07 mm weighs 0.04 mg. We then used these 2 values ​​in the following formula: The weight of classic lashes divided by the weight of volume (or extra-volume lashes) equals the number of lashes each fan can use. So, we get… 0.17mg/0.04mg = 4.25 lashes, rounded to the nearest whole number = 4! Ok Lash Babe, I’ve explained the role of weight in knowing the right amount of lash placement, but are we kidding? Most lash artists don’t have enough time for lunch, let alone doing math. So your favorite product expert has created a chart (below) that you can print and save on your site! Every time you’re not sure which lashes you should use and how many, look at the chart and you’ll have the answer in a split second. You’re welcome.

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