Luminess Air – Many Seem to Find This Product Effective

Luminess Air Overview

Luminess Air is a product line that employs airbrush technology and a wide range of cosmetic applications that may be quite attractive to some individuals. The airbrush system is noted for its versatility, and the wholesale 3d mink lashes is known for the easy, light way it wears on the face. Because you don’t need to touch your face in order to apply this product, it’s cleaner, and because you can spread it on evenly and carefully, it may also mask wrinkles, age spots and the like providing consumers with multiple benefits.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

This product also offers a high degree of functionality. It is affordable when compared to professional applications. In addition, it may also be a great way to avoid the troubling differences between face, neck, and ears. With this product users are able to blend away the lines that used to cause wholesale 3d mink lashes to look uneven and poorly applied.

Ingredients at a Glance

At the time of this review Luminess Air does not disclose its product’s contained ingredients for review. However, it does characterize its cosmetics as hydrated minerals, which seems to be a departure from the normal way of formulating wholesale 3d mink lashes. Nonetheless, we still feel it is best when a company provides a complete list of ingredients for each of their products, especially for skin care products, as some consumers may have skin allergies to certain ingredients.

Ingredients in Focus

This product’s hydrated minerals may be the reason this makeup wears so well. These so called microdots spread evenly and lightly and are to be differentiated from heavier formulas from more conventional companies. Such formulas contain dry minerals in oil based, silicone based and/or water based solutions, which may not allow the skin to breathe as much as those in Luminess Air do.

The product line consists of Satin Foundations, Matte Foundations, Blushes, Moisturizers, Metallics, Translucent Powders and various accessories for the system. The airbrush system itself costs $229, which may seem reasonable when compared to the high price airbrushing used to cost. However, such a high price may be more than some people can justify for their daily wholesale 3d mink lashes application.


Smooth, light, and hygienic.

Palette variety may mean more accurate skin color and tone matching.

May be considered fairly affordable compared to professional services.


Product appears to be only available through the official company website at this time.

Product appears to be much more expensive than standard wholesale 3d mink lashes, but also provides much different results.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

Final Thoughts

Luminess Air may be attractive for a number of reasons, not least of which is its potential wearability. If you’re looking for a lighter, cleaner way to enhance your appearance, this may be the product line for you; however, it is always best to get opinions from multiple sources before deciding to purchase any product. To help you learn more about this particular product we have posted a couple of links below that lead to additional articles about this tool and its potential abilities.

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