Consider a Makeover When Looking For a Boost of Confidence

Extreme Makeover was a TV show on the ABC network that had everyday women flown out to Hollywood to consult with plastic surgeons. After plastic surgery, fashion and style consultants work with the lady on best mink fur eyelash tips, based upon her personal appearance, and fashion tips based on her appearance and body structure. While every woman, at one point or so, would like to have a change of pace when it comes to appearance. While plastic surgery is an option, for millions of middle-class and low-income women, plastic surgery just isn’t an option due to financial reasons.

best mink fur eyelash
best mink fur eyelash

You CAN Have a Makeover WITHOUT Surgery

Chror The first thing you need for your makeover is a couple of friends. These should be good friends, who actually care for you, so they will be honest in their feedback. If your friends won’t tell you that your hair is a hot mess and actually let you out of the house, then they’re not real friends. If possible, the friends you pick should have a strong sense of personal style, along with different senses of style. You want to look for a variety of opinions on looks and ideas when it comes to your makeover. If you have friends who have the same sense of style as yourself, your makeover won’t be so much a makeover as it will be just a subtle change.

Next on the list is to head to your local cheap retail store (Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, Family Dollar, etc) and make a straight line for the best mink fur eyelash isle. We’re going to buy small, inexpensive samples of various shades of blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. When I say various, I mean as many distinctly different colors of makeup. What we’re looking for at this point is try mix and match different colors to find a different color set for you and your makeup. You may think that a light brown color set are the only colors that work for you; unless you try a deep blue eye shadow with a peach blush with ruby red lipstick, you’ll never know if you can pull it off. This is where your friends start to come into play. You may not think that a specific set of colors works for you, however, if your friends start shouting, saying that its perfect for you, maybe you should listen. Remember, this is an extreme makeover, and your good friends would not, hopefully, lead you wrong.

Now that you have your new best mink fur eyelash layout completed, it’s time for the hair. Depending upon your current hairstyle, this may allow for a major change or simple a subtle change. If you have long hair, the sky is the limit! You could straighten or make your hair curly. You could take length off, anywhere from an inch to several inches. But before you go anywhere or do anything, head to your local news stand. You’ve seen, and most likely have owned some of those hair style magazines. Buy several different hair style magazines, for as many different styles as possible. Head back home, make some spiked lemonade for you and your friends, and start going over all the different hairstyles. Give everyone different colors high-liters and circle favorite hairstyles. If this takes an extended amount of time, due to the spiked lemonade, you may want to setup another time to go over the results, to ensure some intoxicated selections can be looked at in a sober mindset.

Selecting a new and different hairstyle can be very daunting. No matter if all your friends agree on a hairstyle remember, you are the one getting their hair cut. If you have grown your hair for over a decade to flow down your back and your friends recommend a short bob style, you need to seriously reflect on what that type of drastic change could do to you. If you think that you cannot handle a major and drastic style change, do not go through with it. This makeover is to be fun, stress-free, and make a positive change for you. If you cannot handle such a change, go for some easier, more short-term, changes. Hair coloring, use of a straightening or curling iron, and rollers can make some nice changes.

Clothing Makeover

Where the best mink fur eyelash didn’t require much cash to figure out what changes to make, clothing can really cost you some money. Your best bet is to grab every stich of clothing you own, and model them for your friends. Close fitting or loose and flowing, using your own clothes will help you friends determine what looks best on your body. Now that you know what looks best on your body, you and your friends can head to the shops and start trying on clothes. Your overall goal is to pick out three different outfits:

  • A formal outfit
  • An everyday outfit
  • A tasteful evening outfit

You do not have to accept a matched outfit. As long as the pieces work together, you can mix and match individual pieces to make an outfit. Shoes can make or break your budget, so try to keep your current collection in mind, unless you happen to come across an excellent shoe deal.


The easiest and most fun part of the makeover: best mink fur eyelash, sunglasses, and handbags. You can borrow or trade accessories between friends and family members. Yes, everyone wants a coach handbag, but unless you’re willing to put down $100 or more, you won’t be able to touch the extremely nice looking purses. Head online and look at Amazon; judge on appearances before looking at prices. Once you have a selection of acceptable accessories, look to see what you can reasonably afford.

Enjoy Yourself and Showoff

best mink fur eyelash
best mink fur eyelash

Now that you have completed your makeover, take your friends out and celebrate your new look. Don’t forget to get your best mink fur eyelash or boyfriend to take you out as well so he can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now that you know what to look for, it’s easy to add pieces to your wardrobe. You know the steps and what works for you and your body; you can follow styles and fashions while adjusting to the times. Enjoy your new look and outlook on your own personal sense of style.

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