Glue Ring, Glue Cup, Glue Stone OH MY! – How to Choose the Best Fit for You 2

Glue Ring, Glue Cup, Glue Stone OH MY! – How to Choose the Best Fit for You 2

Glue Cup

Next up on our glue containment : the glue cup! These multifunctional disposable cups are the perfect tool to have in your lashing kit if you prefer to switch up your lashing palettes and don’t want to worry about dealing with the dreaded glue cleanup at the end of the day. Adhesive cups are also extremely customizable as they can be used with Chror® LashStation, Crystal Lash & Glue Tile or Lash Applicator Headband. You could also reach for my personal fav, the Volume Fan Cups, which help perfect your fans using grooves specifically designed to thin out those lash bases when you swipe through them, and who doesn’t want help in that department?

Glue Stone

Don’t fret yet Lash Lover, we have one more tool if you’re not yet sold on the previous tools. Stone or crystal palettes are the go-to if you prefer to have your lash adhesive on the side of your customer, rather than right next to their eyes. This is the perfect solution for any clients that may be a bit more sensitive to adhesive fumes. You’ll also want this tool in your kit if you happen to struggle with temperature fluctuations in your studio. Our Christina and Destiny Glue Palette are specifically designed to stay cold to the touch, which helps prevent glue from rapid drying.

Want to bypass the messy glue clean up at the end of each set? Couple your stone with palette paper, which not only lets the jade stone do its work by keeping the adhesive temperatures down, but also saves the time of lash arist as you can simply toss the paper in the trash at the end of your appointment! And the best part? If a little glue clean up doesn’t damper your day, these palettes are reusable.

So there you have it my lash connoisseurs, three options for keeping your glue close by during a big lashing day. Do you prefer one option over another, or do you switch up your tools from day to day? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment below. If you like what you see here, you can view all glue stones and pallets by Chror here.

glue stone


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