How To Choose The Suitble Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape?


How To Choose The Suitble Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape?

Fully aware of of your eye shape is the first step before applying eyelash extensions, which can help you enhance your function. How to know the shape of your eyes? Chror is a professional false eyelashes manufacturer. We focus on false eyelashes business and invest to build 2 false eyelash factories to produce eyelash extensions and strip eyelashes. This article will guide you on how to determine the shape of your eyes and choose the right eyelash extensions. There are the following main types of eye shapes.

Almond Eyes 

In traditional beauty, the almond eye shape is the most popular. Many makeup tutorials focus on achieving this look, emphasizing one part of the eye through contouring and other makeup techniques. The description of this eye shape is that its name is shaped like an almond.

If you want a sexier look, opt for cat eye lashes, which will enhance the natural almond shape as they typically taper up to a point on the outer eye.

Close Set Eyes

The characteristic of this eye shape is that the distance between the corners of the eyes is shorter than the length of one eye. Here, cat eyelash styles are perfect for you. It creates extra length on the lashes in the outer corners, and gradually shortening the distance you move towards the inner corners makes a big difference.

Round Eyes

If you’re lucky enough to have big eyes, they’re probably already your most important feature. Round eye shapes are the same or very close in height and length. The cat-eye style is great for round eyes as it will add length to your eyes and help bring your eyes closer to the ideal almond shape while still maintaining the beauty of your round eyes.


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