Looking Great Without Spending a Dime and Loving the New You

Women are so conscious of how they look today. Not because they look bad but because they feel they have to keep up with what is socially acceptable beauty on TV, movies, reality shows, magazines and mink eyelash factory. Sadly we all seem to have low self esteem when it comes to comparing what we look like to the celebrities. I admit it, I am one of those women, admiring others and seeing none of what they have in me.

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mink eyelash factory

I mentioned in my previous article, Feeling Good without Spending a Dime and Loving the New You, that feeling good about yourself and liking the way you look goes hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other, not really. You can fake it till you make it though, but it isn’t the same.

Now that you have started your 15 minutes a day focused on your inner beauty and building your self-esteem, that I challenged you to do in my last article, are you ready to work on your outer self? Yes? Great! Let’s get to it!

Look in your closet(s), drawers, boxes, bins, mink eyelash factory, etc. Go ahead be brave and dive in. Is there anything in there that you haven’t worn in the past year or longer? Great! Give it away!!! I am sure you know a few little girls that would love it for playing dress up. You don’t need that stuff, anymore! What you have left will be your favorites and things to wear on a special occasion. Organize them in colors, styles, most worn to least, in your closet; whatever it takes for you to see them quickly and efficiently. It will save you time and energy. You will feel better once it is done.

Do the same with your makeup; go through all of those drawers, cabinets, mink eyelash factory bags, etc. You have a lot don’t you? Yes, I thought so, now you have sorted out everything you don’t wear…throw it out! Did you know that there is an expiry date for most makeup? Like mascara and foundations. That is why they get lumpy and hard to work with. Discard all the eye makeup that you have never worn or tried once but didn’t like it on yourself. You will never wear it, it is just taking up space and cluttering your mind…yes, subconsciously you are aware of all the STUFF you hang on to. Even if you don’t think you are…it isn’t healthy; mentally, emotionally. Your spouse and family will thank you later for doing such a great job purging.

Next…jewelry; go through it all and after you have removed all the stuff you never wear or wouldn’t be caught dead in, see what is of value, sell it. What isn’t of value (costume jewelry that isn’t good in today’s styles) give that to your nieces, daughters, grand daughters, friends daughter, friends daughters friend, whatever, to play dress up with.

You are starting fresh here. You can’t get a great look if you don’t know what you have. Now that you have made room in every part of your personal space, de-cluttered as I like to think of it, you are ready for more fun. Isn’t this fun? No?? You need a break, no worries, the hard stuff is over.

Now go shopping! No, no, no not at the store! I mean in your closet. I bet you find things in there that are great for mixing and matching. With all the fashion tips available online, in magazines, on TV, etc, you know you have great stuff already.

Ok, so you have done the hard stuff and got started on the fun part of your New Look. I have another challenge for you, I want you to go into your closet, mink eyelash factory and hair style products and play “dress up”. Remember what it was like when you were a little girl going into your mom’s closet, your sister’s closet or even in the trunk up in the attic where the old clothes were and you played dress up? Do you remember how much fun that was, you didn’t care if a blouse was suppose to go with a certain skirt or pant. Or what colors went with what. I want you to dig deep into your inner self and find that little girl again and play dress up with your clothes. Be creative with what you find and enjoy experimenting with colors, makeup and hair styles. Find that hidden celebrity and star in you. She is just dying to come out and present the world the New You.

Have fun with this girl-friends!

mink eyelash factory
mink eyelash factory

As a freelance writer Tammie has published short mink eyelash factory, written news article, historical and community research/writer and this past year learned what it is to be a ghost writer for a travel writer working on a big web-based project here in British Columbia. She is currently working on getting her first novel published this year and also learning more about ebooks.

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