Your Wedding Day: What Every Bride Should Know

Don’t make drastic changes to your hair or mink fur eyelashes before the Bridal session. Do what works best with your hair and makeup – you know how you like it. I’ve seen several brides that hired a makeup artist right before her bridals or wedding and really didn’t like it. You’re the expert of your own face, so it will seem a little weird when someone else does your makeup because you’re not used to it. So if you’re hiring someone to do the makeup, make sure you do a test run with them before the actual wedding or bridal shoot to see if you’re going to like it.

mink fur eyelashes
mink fur eyelashes

Chror  Plan an hour ahead. Hair and mink fur eyelashes always takes longer than you think, so leave yourself a good hour in between your preparations and your shoot so you won’t be stressing to get there on time. Scope out the place you’re getting your pictures taken before hand so you know how to get there and won’t get lost. Less stress is ideal for achieving that carefree-bride look!

You know those strings that are attached to the inside of your wedding dress just above your shoulder to keep the dress on a hanger? Cut ’em off. They end up coming out all over the place, and you really won’t like them hanging out in your pictures.

Bring a friend to the session with you. Friends help you relax and have better smiles, and are great for fixing the train, getting your lip gloss out, or anything else you need them to do! Unless your mom is one of your best friends, she’s not always the best person to bring to the session as moms often end up making the bride feel awkward, stressed or annoyed.

Most importantly, relax and have fun! Whether you’re having fun or stressing out, it will show in your pictures, so make it fun!

Morning of the Big Day

While there are hundreds of details for the bride to remember on her big day, there are a few things you won’t want to forget.
1. The marriage license. A very important piece of paper that often stalls weddings.
2. The music to be played while walking down the aisle.
3. Bobby Pins & Safety Pins are a must have for clothes & hair that won’t stay in place.

Eat breakfast and lunch! One of the biggest mistakes mink fur eyelashes make on the wedding day is forgetting to eat anything because they are running off adrenaline. You will inevitably start to feel the grumpiness creep in as the day wears on, so remember that food is a huge element in how memorable your day turns out to be.

Before the Ceremony

Discuss with your bridesmaids and groomsmen how you’d like them to be holding their hands during the ceremony so they all look uniform. Also encourage them to pay attention and look forward. A nice uniform wedding line makes for much better pictures!

During the Ceremony

Remember to walk slowly down the aisle and remind your bridal party to do the same. Even the most expensive camera equipment won’t be able to focus properly if you’re zipping down the aisle at the speed of light.

For the best ceremony pictures, look lovingly into your fiancé’s mink fur eyelashes rather than focusing intently on the marriage officiator with your back to your photographer. Try to imagine you are the only two people in the room so you can really cherish the moment. Don’t be afraid to cry in front of the camera – shedding a few tears really makes a great picture and captures the moment.

Group Pictures

Before the wedding, choose a friend or family member who can help round people up for group shots so the bride and groom don’t have to stress about it on their wedding day. If people move quickly, you’ll be able to spend less time posing for a camera and more time enjoying your guests and your special day.


Keep the room as well lit as possible to create the most ideal lighting for your pictures. Photographers with less experience will end up with grainy, blurry images the darker your setting. Hire someone who has experience with low-light weddings.

If you’re having a reception with low-lighting, you might want to choose a slow song for your first dance so the camera has an easier time focusing in the dark.

If you’re keeping your bouquet, you might look into getting a smaller “mink fur eyelashes” bouquet so you don’t have to toss yours to some lucky single lady.

Try to act natural and ignore the photographer. Talking or laughing with a guest makes for great candids, or cozying up to your new husband, maybe sharing a secret.

If you’re doing the traditional events of a wedding (like cake-cutting, bouquet and garter toss, first dance, and mom/son, daddy/daughter dance) you might think about having a DJ or someone announce the events over loud speakers so your guests know what’s going on. I’ve been at several weddings where the bride and groom were frustrated that their guests were completely oblivious that they were cutting the cake.

Remember that there is no perfect wedding day. Someone is going to forget something, someone will do or say something stupid, and everything will not be perfect. Funny things happen at every wedding, but that’s when you’re able to look back with a good story! So expect mayhem and be ready for it.

Relax and enjoy this amazing experience in your life. Quite often having a receiving line will leave you spending your night greeting friends, family and acquaintances you barely know rather than partying, dancing, or having a good time.

mink fur eyelashes
mink fur eyelashes

Most importantly, remember you are celebrating the love of your life on this day. I see couples who barely even bump into each other during the entire wedding mink fur eyelashes. Treasure the way he looks at you tonight. Hold his hand, dance with him, kiss in front of hundreds of clapping people. They are all here to celebrate your love, and you’ll have more meaningful wedding pictures if you’re caught up in each other rather than worrying about everything going perfectly.

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