Glue Ring, Glue Cup, Glue Stone OH MY! – How to Choose the Best Fit for You 1

Glue Ring, Glue Cup, Glue Stone OH MY! – How to Choose the Best Fit for You 1

Hi, Lash Lovers! And, I’m so excited to be a part of it as your new Chror Product Expert!

My name is Destiny and I’m here to bring you the tips and tricks I’ve learned over my years as a licensed cosmetologist and lash artist. While lashing, I’ve found an incredible passion for mentoring up and coming artists, as well as continuing my education by soaking up every little bit of knowledge other lash techs are willing to share. I truly believe that we can only continue to grow by learning, and I hope my posts here on the Chror Blog bring you answers to some of your burning lash questions.

The world of lash extensions can be confusing enough, but the choices around what holds your glue doesn’t have to be. Today, I’m going to explain your three options: ring, cup or stone, and why each of them might be best for you.

Ring For Lash Extensions


Glue Ring

The most universally known tool for containing your glue while lashing is the finger bling to end all bling; the Glue Ring! Glue rings are a great option for most lash artists, because of the diversity they offer. Creating a classic cat eye, voluminous mega volume set, or something in the middle?

Rings give you a variety of options, from simple cups to double cups that use multiple products at once, or the ring in the picture at the top of this post, which is designed for volume. It features double cups that allow you to add a second drop of glue on the other side, eliminating the need to drop the ring in the process, saving you time and product! The grooves on the top edge of the glue ring help thin your fan base as you brush over it, making it easier to remove excess glue from your lashes.

Glue rings are an excellent option for the budding lash artist, as they help simplify your grafting process by keeping all your lash essentials within easy reach.

Stone For Lash Extensions

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