The Pros And Cons Of Getting Eyelash Extensions 2

The Pros And Cons Of Getting Eyelash Extensions 2

Eyelash extensions – The Pros

Here are some of the key benefits of eyelash extensions:

1. Simplify your makeup routine
Caring for your lashes can take 10 to 20 minutes – if you’re going all out and have to hold on to them, curl them and apply mascara. Eyelash extensions can save your daily commitment and greatly speed up your makeup process.

2. Can replace other eye makeup
The lash extensions are good enough to wear alone. They can give your eyes a “wake up” effect and take focus away from dark circles and bags under the eyes. That’s why many women go for extensions to completely eliminate the clean eye makeup step in their nighttime skincare routine.

3. Can be customized
Eyelash extensions can be customized to your desired length, volume, fullness or just something to enhance and show off the shape of your eyes. This makes them better suited to your unique facial features.

4. Avoid Mascara Accidents
Mascara is one of the most common things you can mess up with your makeup. Cleaning up smudges, lumps, and flakes can sometimes “smudge” makeup around the eye area. Grafting eyelashes can completely avoid these problems.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions – The Cons

Aside from the obvious complications that can arise from the chemicals in the adhesives and sharp tools used in the process, here are some of the main disadvantages of eyelash extensions:

1. They are expensive
Unlike other makeup procedures, eyelash extensions are expensive. Depending on the type of extension you choose and the professional experience of the technician, each eyelash extension will cost at least $100-200. On top of that, you must groom every two to three weeks. Since they stick to your natural lashes, they fall off easily.

2. They can affect your natural lashes
While the procedure itself is very safe, mistakes by some unprofessional technicians can damage your natural lashes. For example, places that offer “cheaper” extensions will often stick to pre-bonded lash clusters on your natural lash line. This completely destroys your natural lashes.

3. Long-term use can cause permanent eyelashes to fall out
Yes, we said it! Regular eyelash extensions may lead to long-term and permanent eyelash loss. This happens because, sometimes, lash clusters, or even individual lashes, stop your natural lashes from falling out and disrupt the regeneration process inside them. And if the false eyelashes are clumping, you sometimes accidentally pull the natural eyelashes off.

4. They can cause eye infections
Regardless of the reputation of the salon you go to, the application of eyelash extensions uses tools and adhesives that are very close to your eyes. Therefore, any accident can lead to infections such as conjunctivitis or even a rash caused by the glue around the eyes.

5. They can be uncomfortable
Although lash extensions are designed to be lightweight, they can be quite uncomfortable. After all, you’re wearing them all the time – sleeping, bathing, and everywhere else. This is especially true for newbies to the eyelash game who don’t have much makeup experience. This is also true if your eyes are overly sensitive, dry or more irritated than usual.
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