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In recent years, man-made multifiber, artificial mink lashes (aka “Synthetic Mink Lashes“, or more commonly today “Mink Lashes“) have become one of the most popular cosmetic raw materials in eyelash art. Designed to mimic the look and feel of real mink, the move to faux mink marks an important evolution in an industry that is constantly striving to be more humane and sustainable.

California became the first state to ban animal fur products, setting a national precedent. Although the Animal Protection Act was just signed into California law in 2019, the beauty industry has come a long way in terms of standards and practices for the development and manufacture of innovative products.

It is in this very discreet spirit that we at Chror have developed Faux Mink Lash Extensions and strips in a variety of styles, curls, lengths and diameters.

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Faux Mink vs. Real Mink Performance?

In fact, Synthetic Mink is more versatile and provides the lovely, natural finish that many of our customers crave. Plus, unlike real lashes, Faux Mink Lashes offer a permanently curled, shiny texture that doesn’t flatten when wet. Because of these benefits, eyelashes do not require any daily styling or more care. Synthetic lashes stand on their own and don’t need to be touched after application (except for cleansing, of course), so their staying power is actually longer.

Faux mink lives up to its name and excels in every way. This is as true and performant as any Chror product!

With their natural look and feel, easy aftercare, and versatility, it’s not hard to see that they’re still the go-to for lashes that are too thin or sparse, as well as lash lovers who want to wear their own look rather than look. Choose them and wear them!

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Mink Lashes by Chror

Long before any state law, Chror was proud to be at the forefront of offering cruelty-free, synthetic mink lashes. We offer a selection of individual mink lashes, all of our mink lashes are PETA animal global testing policy approved and vegan!

You can choose Chror lashes and trust that every purchase will reward all of your customers with a high-quality product.

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