What to Prepare for Your First Eyelash Extensions?

What to Prepare for Your First Eyelash Extensions?

You’ve finally decided to book your first lash extension. Your life will just get easier – no more messing with mascara in the morning or worrying about makeup on the go! Eyelash extensions are an amazing change that will help you look and feel better every day. So how can you make the process easier to get the best lashes possible?

Before you head into the salon and change your life, keep some preparations in mind. Here are our top tips for your first appointment so you can be ready for some beautiful lashes!

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– Don’t drink coffee four hours before your eyelash extension appointment.

It might surprise you, but coffee can actually make your date less enjoyable. Caffeine will keep you awake, keep you from relaxing, and make your lashes quiver. This means your lash extensions will be harder to apply and can lead to less than perfect results. So, ladies, give up the latte!

– Don’t wear mascara to your first lash extension appointment.

Some people believe that the best way to show your ideal lashes to your stylist is to use pre-applied ribbon lashes or false lashes. While well-intentioned, it actually makes the lash stylist’s job harder! Strip lash glue has a nasty habit of clinging stubbornly to natural lashes and is difficult to remove completely. Your lash stylist must completely remove the glue to reach your natural lashes, reducing your lash time!

– Clean eye makeup before appointment.

Another big reason to arrive early for your first lash appointment at the salon is the makeup factor. Lash extensions must be applied to bare, clean lashes – so if you’re heading straight to get off work or having brunch, you’ll need to remove eye makeup before starting lashes. All salons have a handy pink basin and product for easy makeup removal, and our friendly receptionist can give you a quick tutorial on how to use eyelash extensions to remove makeup. The same rule applies to eye makeup, just like strip lash glue – the longer a stylist takes lashes to remove from their lashes, the less time they have to apply gorgeous lashes!

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll have the smoothest, most relaxing beauty experience ever.
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